Still managing applicants in spreadsheets?
Streamline your hiring process and make better hires!

Built to serve the needs of today’s recruiters. From posting your job ad to assessing and managing candidates, it saves time on admin and creates time for people.

Post to job boards

In less than 5 minutes post your job to all the major job boards and social networks

Assess candidates

Free assessments will enrich candidates resumes with their work style and cultural fit.

Manage candidates

Candidate resumes are automatically organized for easy selection by our job-fit technology.

Hire the right people

No more candidates that don’t fit your job profile and your work environment.


Streamline your recruitment process

Say goodbye to the e-mail jungle and lengthy Excel files. We offer you a horizontal overview of all candidates, notes, correspondence and recruiting stages. Candidate management has never been so easy and clear. Save time with an improved selecting process and easier administration.

More insight in candidates to make better hires

No more candidates that don’t fit your job profile and your work environment. Our patented job-fit technology will instantly rank applicants by most suited. HRMatches enriches candidates’ resumes with information on their work style and cultural fit, screening questions, video and more. By improving the insight into candidates you can make the best hires.

Your own Careerpage

Stand out and show off! Create your own career page aligned with your brand identity.

Job-fit technology

Quickly identify the right candidates when facing a large number of applicants.

No hidden fees

Our pricing is based on the number of job slots you need

Post jobs everywhere

Boost your job to multiple job boards, social channels, with one click

Hire together

Set up different teams to recruit for jobs and keep all team communication on a single timeline.

Intuitive interface

No training required, you’re up and running in no time

Integrated assessments

No more candidates that don’t fit your job profile and your work environment.

HR Metrics

Track your hires and find out which channels give the best return on your investment.

Awesome service

We’re here to help you if needed, reach out to us at any point


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