Find the perfect match with HRMatches’ all-in-one recruiting software.

Place vacancies and select and manage candidates.

Experience how HRMatches can simplify your recruiting process

Save time and focus on the best candidates

Trash your cryptic Excel spreadsheets and take a machete to the email jungle! HRMatches offers a simple, clear overview of all candidates, recruiting stages, correspondence, and notes — all in the same place. Save time (not to mention frustration) and focus exclusively on finding the perfect fit.


Promote vacancies

Placing and promoting job openings has never been easier. You can adjust the selection procedure for each vacancy so it seamlessly fits the screening process.


Profile enrichment

Each applicant has more to offer than his or her CV suggests. For that reason, HR Matches enriches each candidate’s CV with invaluable information about their work attitude, cultural values, screening outcome, video’s and much more.


Manage candidates

Simplify the management of applicants. By generating a clear overview of candidates, correspondence, recruiting progress, and other records, pre-selection will allow you to properly pick candidates.


Recruitment statistics

Statistics give you an accurate insight of your recruiting efforts. You’ll instantly see which channels are bringing in the best candidates. Concentrate on these channels to uncover even greater talent..

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The perks of HRMatches

The all-in-one recruiting system has everything a recruiter needs. Whether it’s job slot placement or management and selection of applicants you’re after. Creating the perfect match is what we do.


HR Matches can save you up to 40% of time spent on administrative processes. That way, you can focus on placing new vacancies and scouting more talent


75% of recruiters say it’s more difficult to establish a cultural fit than it is to develop an employee’s skills. HRMatches focuses on both: attaining that cultural fit and the competence of each candidate.


90% of employee fallout is caused by a culture discrepancy a mismatch of competence. HRMatches assures each candidate perfectly corresponds to the available vacancy.

Recruiting challenges

We aim to find the perfect match for your vacancies using a smart and simple ATS system. Read more about the problems other companies encountered and how HRMatches managed to overcome these challenges.

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