Our story

Anyone who has ever had to recruit new talent and find the perfect match for their organisation will have likely struggled with an inefficient workflow. This struggle was the number one reason HRMatches was founded in 2013. By exploiting its efficient software HRMatches has turned old recruiting methods into dust. Among other tools, HRMatches handles effective placement of vacancies, and uses online assessments to analyse a candidate’s character and cultural fit within the organisation. There’s more to applicants than their CV. Let technology and statistics take over the excruciating task of recruiting. And let HRMatches unlock each candidate’s true potential.

The Team

HRMatches was developed by an extremely passionate team. We update our recruiting software both day and night and will move heaven and earth for our clients to maintain our high standard.

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Are you our next colleague?

HRMatches is an agency based in Amsterdam, but we are rapidly expanding in the European market. HRMatches wants to change the online recruiting industry, and is well on its way of doing so. Would you like to work for one of the most innovative recruiting platforms in the world, and be responsible for its further success?

HRMatches’ recruiting tips & tricks

In HRMatches’ weekly blog we write about recent developments in the world of recruiting; we give you tips & tricks about placing vacancies; and offer interesting ins and outs to everyone working in the recruiting industry.