Wat levert HRMatches op?

Door all-in-one software die de perfecte match maakt tussen de vacature en de competenties, het karakter en de cultuurwaarden van de kandidaat, is het vinden van de juiste kandidaat eenvoudiger en efficiënter.


75% van de recruiters zegt dat culture fit moeilijker te ontwikkelen is dan vaardigheden. HRMatches focust zich op de culturele fit en de competenties van de kandidaat.


HRMatches zorgt voor 40% tijdsbesparing op de administratieve processen. Deze tijd is te gebruiken voor het vinden van meer talenten of het uitzetten van nieuwe vacatures.


90% van het verloop komt door een mismatch op cultuur en competenties. HRMatches zorgt ervoor dat de kandidaat beter aansluit op de vacature.

Our Pricing

Zero setup costs and no surprises.

HRMatches is an all-in-one recruiting system. You only pay for the amount of job slots you need. You can even add an unlimited number of users.

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How many job slots do I need?

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Need more than 15 job slots?

If your HR department needs more than 15 job slots, there a number of merits when choosing HRMatches.

  • Discount on job slots
  • A Personal account manager
  • Custom-made configuration
  • A training for first-time users within the team

What do we offer?

The HRMatches all-in-one recruiting system gives you all the tools you need to successfully scout new talent. Here’s what we offer:

Promote your vacancies

Save precious time, with just one click of the mouse you can place job openings on 100+ free job boards, premium websites, social media and your own ‘Careers’ website.

A unique ‘Careers’ website

Place job openings on your HRMatches ‘Careers’ website. It’s optimised for mobile devices, and you can even spice it up with your very own design.

Unlimited number of users

With HRMatches, you don’t pay for extra users. You can add an unlimited amount of team members to the system.

Applicant tracking system

Keep communication, team activity and other notes all in one place. Basically, you only need one status overview of all candidates. Clear and simple.

Free assessments

Each applicant will have to go through the officially approved Quinn Culture and Competence assessment. Using the results from these assessments, you’ll have a better understanding of the candidate and will undoubtedly find a suitable match.

Statistics and reports

Get an overview of the recruiting channels that deliver the best results. Learn where to find your talent. You’ll receive highly detailed conversion reports, sources and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can answer any question

What is a job slot?
Job slots indicate how many vacancies are open within your HRMatches recruiting system. When you’ve reached your job slot limit, you can either delete one of the older job openings or buy a new job slot.

How many job slots will I need?
Not sure of how many job slots you’ll need? Take our advice.

What happens to closed jobs?
Though you only pay for active job slots, you can also open previously deleted vacancies. You might need to, when reconsidering a rejected candidate or reviewing the recruiting process.

Do you have a starting rate?
The answer is NO, HRMatches does not have a starting rate. We’re very transparent: you’ll never pay more than the amount of job slots you need.

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